Kênh thông tin cung cấp kiến thức cơ bản về cà phê, những tin tổng hợp về cà phê của Việt Nam và Thế giới.

Tea and Coffee World Cup Asia 2015.

Now in its 19th year, TC World Cup 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam will highlight the latest trends in coffee roasting and tea packing equipment, exporting, brewing, retailing and marketing.

This three-day exhibition is the most exclusive networking opportunity for more than 2,500 key decision makers. Interactive workshops and informative symposiums will attract buyers and industry leaders from around the world. The roster of exhibitors, visitors and speakers will span the globe, confirming Tea & Coffee World Cup as the premier international marketplace and educational conference for coffee and tea professionals. RAMEC coffee takes a visit to some booth and some news from the exhibition:

Buhler AG roasting machine

Coffee Roasting System- InfinityRoast


Packaging machine for tea bag

Coffee Cupping  Presentation

Coffee Cupping : Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia

Spencer Turer, Vice President of Coffee Analysts

In this exhibition, there were many free coffee seminars: coffee sensory analysis, coffee cupping, coffee grading... presented by Spencer Turer, Vice President of Coffee Analysits. This is the first time he come to Vietnam and he has some presentation. In this exhibition, most of companies from German and Japan. 
This series of pictures were carried out by RAMEC coffee. If you used those pictures, please refer to RAMEC Coffee 

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